Zhuhai, adjacent to the Macao SAR, is a shinning pearl of the south China sea. Zhuhai's beautiful natural environment, beautiful scenery, vast sea, there are more than one hundred islands, known as the "city of hundred islands" of reputation. Innovative urban planning and construction, highlight the tourism consciousness and the natural harmony, elegant chic, extremely rich coastal garden of modern breath. Beautiful zhuhai, with infinite charm, to meet the arrival of tourists at home and abroad!

New Yuanming Palace
Zhuhai New Yuanming Palace in Summer Palace in Beijing were burned in front of the building as the carrier, according to the proportion of 1:1 recovery is known as the "garden of gardens" part of the old Summer Palace landscape, and combined with the characteristics of modern tourism gives a new content. The entire scenic area with water, with the wood for this, move the day to reproduce the grand momentum of the royal garden. One of the most representative "haiyantang" scenic area is a complete recovery. The landscape of New Yuanming Palace is used more like borrow scene, clamp, places, and framing scene built Chinese traditional gardening techniques, becoming a master rare garden architecture, reconstructed the "garden of gardens".

Statue of Fisher Girl
Zhuhai beautiful scenery of the censer bay, stands a Statue of a giant stone - the statute of Fisher Girl. She brought wear beads, shoulder nets, leg light wan, hands high QingJu a glittering and translucent represent the bright pearl, and blushing face with joy, presages a light to the world, to the human treasures. The stone carving, height 8.7 meters, weight 10 tons, with 70 pieces of granite points, is China's famous sculptor Pan He masterpiece. Today, the statue has become a symbol of zhuhai, fisher girl beautiful legend, accompanied by zhuhai's popularity at home, more and more widespread, more far.

Wai Lingding Island
Zhuhai Wai Lingding Island is located in the pearl river mouth the wanshan islands, outside the Island of cheung chau adjacent to Hong Kong by common ships also only more than 10 minutes can be reached. Wai Lingding Island in wanshan islands dotted with unique style. Alone on the island bay, tower bay, the east bay beach, fine sand, blue sea, on the bottom. Outside the neilingding island is bear rod township government resident, in recent years, the east and the township government to improve the investment environment, attract foreign investment, the construction of tourist facilities, now has LingDingYang hotel, villa holiday homes and other tourist facilities in Russia. Russian hill is at shenzhen day company investment. It built linhai, cabinet and chic, all yellow spire wooden cottage or granite fort round indoor display is elegant, every word on the wall is decorated with a variety of exquisite bamboo, place oneself among them, as if the wilderness to Russia.